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  • Expert Travel Chess

    Expert Travel Chess

    The Saitek Mephisto Expert Travel Chess Computer Handheld is Saitek's strongest portable chess computer. Strength combined with many advanced features makes this the ultimate compact computer available for the expert chess player.

  • Mephisto Chess Challenger

    Mephisto Chess Challenger

    Want the ultimate Chess Challenge? Try the Saitek Mephisto Chess Challenger! Designed for expert chess players, this powerful computer is designed to challenge your play, sharpen your tactics, and advance you to new playing levels.

  • Mephisto Chess Trainer

    Mephisto Chess Trainer

    Animated LCD display makes learning chess fun! Delightful funny face changes expressions and reacts to situations throughout the game! Learn to play on this tabletop chess computer with over 768 level setting combinations.

  • Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer

    Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer

    The Saitek Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer Computer is a fabulous home chess trainer. This great chess computer features 64 playing levels including Fun, Casual, Blitz, Bronstein, Bonus Timer, Tournament, Fixed Depth and Tactical. And, it actually talks to you as you play!

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