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Defensive Play: Quiz CD

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Based on the ABTA Bridge Book of the Year, Defensive Play at Bridge: A Quizbook.

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Contents of this software include:

  • Part I The Basics of Defense
    • 1. Which Card Should I Play?
    • 2. Signals and Discards
  • Part II Defending Against Notrump Contracts
    • 3. Opening Leads Against Notrump
    • 4. Defending Notrump in Third Seat
    • 5. Defending Notrump in Second Seat
    • 6. Killing Declarer’s Communications
  • Part III Defending Against Suit Contracts
    • 7. Opening Leads Against Suit Contracts
    • 8. Defending Suit Contracts in Third Seat
    • 9. Defending Suit Contracts in Second Seat

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