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Beginners' Resources

Resources for Beginners


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  1. V-Blue Course for Newcomers

    Ideal for newcomers to bridge. Interactively bid and play over 20 hands on a variety of topics.

  2. TRIPLE PACK #2 - Bridge Cardplay - An Easy Guide Series [Bird/Smith]

    Includes Drawing Trumps, Establishing Long Suits and Holding Up a Stopper.

  3. Taste of Bridge

    Taste of Bridge [Bayone]

    Based on the beginner's course from Bayone's club, the biggest in North America.

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  4. Ruffing Losers [Bird/Smith]

    Covers the basic techniques of making extra tricks by ruffing losers.

  5. Principles of Card Play [Marston]

    This book covers the elements of card play. It assumes that you have played a little bridge, enough to know how the game works.

  6. Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand [Seagram/Bird]

    Bridge players are taught some of the basic techniques of declarer play: suit establishment ruffing losers the finesse and so forth.

  7. Planning the Defense [Seagram/Bird]

    Step by step approach to explaining defense to new bridge players.

  8. Introduction to Defense [Kantar]

    The classic first book on defensive cardplay at bridge.

  9. Introduction to Bridge [Marston]

    Popular beginners book in Standard [15-17 NT, 5 card Majors] or Acol [12-14 NT, 4 card Majors] formats.

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Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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