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Can You Win the USBC Team Trials 2013? [Felmy]

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Play the hands from the 2013 USA Team Trials. Test your skill.

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Would you have made the USA Bridge Team?

Matthias Felmy presents a collection of bidding, declarer play and defensive problems in a quiz format. The hands are taken from the final of the 2013 USBC Team Trials. You will be able to compare your choices to those made by the best players in America. After each hand there is a detailed analysis of the bidding and play.

Felmy's analysis includes a variety of intermediate to advanced topics such as counting out declarer's shape as a defender, high level bidding decisions, balancing and some rare play positions.

This book will enhance your understanding of how the best players think through hands, foresee possible problems that might arise later in the hand and the application to simple maths to real-world bridge problems.

More Information
Author Matthias Felmy
Difficulty Intermediate, Advanced
Topic Tournament Bridge
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2014
Pages 290
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