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Focus on Bidding [Roth]

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'This is not a book about systems, nor is it a book about conventions (although I confess I shall attempt to persuade you to adopt one or two in the course of it). ' - Danny Roth

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'This is a book about bidding and the places in the auction that we (and I use the word advisedly) go wrong. I don't care whether you prefer to play a weak or a strong notrump, or eight-card majors, or the Purple Spotted Forcing Club. But I do care about how you decide when to bypass a major to bid one notrump, or what constitutes a decent opening bid, and why, and what sequences you regard as forcing. You see what I mean about 'bidding' as opposed to 'system'?' - Danny Roth

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More Information
Author Danny Roth
Difficulty Advanced
Topic Hand Evaluation
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 1997
Pages 128

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