Bridge at the Top [Punch]

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Interviews with some of the world's leading bridge players.

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In the course of her Bridge: a Mindsport for All research project, sociologist Dr. Sam Punch has been able to interview many of the world's top bridge personalities. The topics of these conversations were wide-ranging, and included the dynamics at the table, challenges, motivations, emotions, partnerships, teammates, skill development and gender issues.  Top players, coaches and even sponsors talk frankly about what life in the top echelons of bridge is all about -- and give the reader a revealing glimpse of what it is really like behind the screens.

Includes interviews with

  • Sabine Auken
  • Dennis Bilde
  • Sally Brock
  • David Burn
  • Tony Forrester
  • David Gold
  • Joe Grue
  • Jason Hackett
  • Bob Hamman
  • Eric Kokish
  • Justin Lall
  • Jill Levin
  • Zia Mahmood
  • Chip Martel
  • Liz McGowan
  • Jeff Meckstroth
  • Jill Meyers
  • Marion Michielsen
  • Nick Nickell
  • Andrew Robson
  • Eric Rodwell
  • Michael Rosenberg
  • Brian Senior
  • Nevena Senior
  • Roy Welland
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AuthorSamantha Punch
TopicTournament Bridge
PublisherMaster Point Press
Date Published2021
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