Points Schmoints [Bergen]

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Marty Bergen's most poplular book - a collection of more than 65 gems of advice, all designe to increase not just your enjoyment of bridge but your ability to win as well.

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WINNER - 1996 - American Bridge Teachers Association Book of the Year

Marty Bergen is one of America's most popular teachers and successful players, with ten National Championships.

In his easy-to-read and refreshing style, Bergen reveals:

- What the Rule of 20 is and why it's such a reliable yardstick for evaluating your hand
- Why you shouldn't always play second-hand low
- Why you should count trumps and the right way to do so
- New ideas for Stayman - when you don't need eight points to bid Stayman
- Why doubles are the most important call in bridge
- How to develope tricks from nowhere.
- Why finesses are overrated

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AuthorMarty Bergen
TopicBidding & Play
Date Published1995

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