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Language of Bidding [Marston]

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The 6th (latest) edition of this best-selling book has been updated to reflect modern methods.

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Paradoxically, The Language of Bidding is more simple than ever before.

It has 18 chapters, up from 14 in the previous edition, yet the length of the book is about the same. It includes a new chapter ;that was inspired by the great success of Paul’s online Bidding Judgement course. It covers deciding about slam when partner has a shortage. Powerful stuff. It also includes a full discussion about the proper use of control bidding.

More effective
The response of 1NT over a major is 6-11 HCP, not 6-9 (10) HCP as before. This one small change means a new suit response at the 2-level is now 12+ HCP. This makes the bidding more effective because you can now address the crucial question of fit before you worry about a possible slam. Little wonder this idea has been embraced by everyone in the modern game.

More simple
With this change you longer have to worry about reverses and jump shifts after a two level response. This makes the bidding much more simple.

Experts and beginners alike
Experts may be attracted to this method because it is more effective but beginners love the simplicity. In the past year, Paul has taught about 1,000 people to play bridge online and he has taught this precise method. The students are full of praise and very few drop out. Hundreds of them have approached nearby bridge clubs and more than 300 are still playing regularly online.

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More Information
Author Paul Marston
Difficulty Intermediate
Topic Bidding & Play
Publisher Grand Slam Books
Date Published 2021
Pages 309

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