Play the Hand of the Week plus other puzzles

Introduction to Declarer Play [Kantar]

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The classic first book on declarer play at bridge.

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More than fifty years after its first publication, Barbara Seagram has revised and updated to bring Declarer Play into line with modern methods of play and bridge education.


Part 1 - Playing the Hand in Notrump

Chapter 1: Sure Tricks

Chapter 2: Establishing Tricks

Chapter 3: Taking Tricks with the Spot Cards

Chapter 4: Taking Tricks by Finessing

Chapter 5: The Hold-up Play

Chapter 6: The Rule of Eleven

Chapter 7: The Danger Hand

Part 1 - Playing the Hand in a Suit Contract

Chapter 8: The Trump Suit

Chapter 9: Counting Losers

Chapter 10: Creating Extra Winners

Chapter 11: Long Suit Establishment

Chapter 12: Ruffing in the Short Hand

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More Information
Author Eddie Kantar
Difficulty Newcomer, Intermediate
Topic Material for Newcomers
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2019
Pages 168

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