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Back Through the Pack [Pottage]

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A modern day sequel to the 1940s classic, Right Through the Pack.

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Right Through the Pack by Robert Darvas and Norman Hart would be on nearly everyone's list of all time favourite bridge books. First published in 1946, the book presents 52 delightful stories and deals, each focussing on a different card in the bridge deck.

Now mater problemist Julian Pottage pays homage to the original with a collection of 104 deals and stories. Pottage has taken care to entertain and educate at the same time, with key points on bidding and play in each deal.

"The deals are excellent and the setting pleasantly reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland." - David Bird

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More Information
AuthorJulian Pottage
TopicHumour & Whimsey
PublisherMaster Point Press
Date Published2014

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