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Better Slam Bidding [Bergen]

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What you need to know to reach good slams (and avoid the bad ones).

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Bidding and making slams is exciting stuff. But to make the whole process less nerve-wracking, Marty Bergen offers you a collection of tips, conventions and all-round sensible advice.

The book begins with a re-examination of some basic hand-evaluation principles - how to upgrade or downgrade your hand, how to recognise strong holdings, and the processing of continual re-evaluation as the auction proceeds.

Bergen then introduces some standard slam bidding tools like Control Bidding, Jacoby 2NT, Splinter Bids, Blackwood and Roman Keycard Blackwood and 5NT Pick a Slam.

All sections are illustrated with quizzes, example hands and handy partnership checklists.

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More Information
Author Marty Bergen
Difficulty Intermediate
Topic Bidding Conventions
Publisher Bergen Books
Date Published 2008
Pages 64

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