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Simpler Blue Club System [Berkley]

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Strong Club bidding systems dominated the world of bridge until a few decades ago. The reason? The system thinks for you, the experts say. The experts are right; if you stick to the rules, the system leads you effortlessly to the right decision. The drawback? It is complicated.

This books presents a simplified and modernised version of one of the most successful systems of all time, the Blue Club. One of the main modifications is the use of both high card and distributionb points in the evaluation of hand strength.

Benito Garozzo, the creator of the originbal Blue Club system, says in his foreword: The simplifications and the introduction of some standard bidding make it easier to learn the system, to remember and use it, but still keep it precise... I believe the way in which the book presents the system is the best way, logical and well structured. Thus, the book is excellent for bridge players who want to learn about and try a 'strong club' system to become more effective.

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Author Dan Berkley
Difficulty Intermediate, Advanced
Topic Bidding Systems
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2018
Pages 210
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