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Constructive Bidding 402 [Paul]

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A follow-up to Constructive Bidding 401.

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This book is a follow-up to Constructive Bidding 401, which introduced the teamwork and structure needed for a complete bidding system. Together, the two books provide advancing partnerships a complete and consistent framework in the form of a bidding system for competition in stratified tournaments at higher levels.

Book Two begins with opener’s rebids and progresses to slam bidding. The book finishes a discussion on the strategy required for Matchpoints and IMPs. Two Over One bids and Forcing 1NT are a small component of this bidding system. Of greater importance is the need to define and manage a broad range of bidding situations in a predictable fashion. While discussion on Two Over One is complete, it is a small portion of the total content and the focus is on a complete system.

Patterned after a college text book, concepts are presented, explained and then detailed in a tabular format. A summary and quiz following each major section develops the reader’s understanding. The quizzes in both books contain more than 450 question and answers.

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More Information
Author Stephen Paul
Difficulty Intermediate, Advanced
Topic Bidding Systems
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2021
Pages 200

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