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Polish Club International [Jassem]

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An updated version of the 2005 publication Polish Club.

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Adds modern ideas from other systems into the framework of the two-way 1♣ opening.

The book is intended for two groups of readers:

  • those interested in the Polish Club system
  • those who want to get better understanding of trendy bidding treatments.

Includes quizzes and a special section on slam bidding with examples of mistakes made by experts in tournament play.

The book is divided into two parts:

Polish Club International Standard - this is a result of an Internet survey among Polish Club users

Polish Club International Pro - this part describes modern bidding tendencies approved all over the world - systematised into one cohesive system.

Two features distinguish this book from other manuals on bridge systems and conventions:

  • Quizzes - every new piece of information ends with a quiz. Cover the right column of quiz table before finding your answer to the question given in the left column.
  • Slam bidding e the conventions are explained by showing examples of mistakes made by bridge champions.

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More Information
Author Krzysztof Jassem
Difficulty Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Topic Bidding Systems
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2013
Pages 200

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