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Toucan Club [Beall/Woodard]

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An enhanced 21st Century Two-Over-One system.

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Toucan is a modified 2/1 system using a natural but short club opening with transfer responses to it. Toucan Club Complete is a much expanded version of the original Toucan Club book, and contains many example hands and auctions.

“The one club sequences are powerful. Transfer auctions are valuable because they allow the partnership an extra step to exchange more information. Responder knows the extent of a major-suit fit very early in the auction. And finally, it can be difficult to defend accurately against a one club opener because the normal distributional clues that the defenders have in standard bidding may be absent.” ACBL Bulletin Review of Toucan Club (March 2021)

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More Information
Author Ron Beall / Ron Woodard
Difficulty Intermediate, Advanced
Topic Bidding Systems
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2022
Pages 116

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