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Two Over One Game Force [Hardy]

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Two-Over-One is the most popular standard bidding system in use today.

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Max Hardy's book is a thorough explanation of opening bids and responses, plus competitive bidding and useful gadgets.

This book is considered the authoritative souce on Two-Over-One system as played today. It is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of uncontesed and competitive aucitons.

- Opening Bids
- Rebidding after Opening Bids of one of a suit
- Responding to Opening Bids of one of a suit
- Rebids by Responder
- Responding to Opening Notrump Bids
- Opening Bids at higher levels
- Competetive Bidding
- Slam Bidding
- Duplicate Procedures

More Information
Author Max Hardy
Difficulty Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Topic Bidding Systems
Publisher Devyn Press
Date Published 1984
Pages 147
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