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Book Previews

2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge [World Bridge Federation]

25 Bridge Conventions for ACOL Players [Landy/Horton/Seagram]

25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know [Seagram/Smith]

25 Bridge Myths Exposed [Bird]

25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know [Seagram/Bird]

25 Steps to Learning 2/1 [Thurston]

25 Ways to be a Better Defender [Seagram/Bird]

25 Ways to Compete in the Bidding [Seagram/Smith]

25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer [Seagram/Bird]

365 Winning Bridge Tips [Kleinman]

52 Bridge Mistakes to Avoid [Bird]

8 of Clubs was Good? [Flynn]

Accurate Cardplay [Reese/Trezel]

Arrow Through the Heart [Bird]

Avoidance Play [Bird/Bourke]

Bachelor Bridge [Bird/Cocheme]

Back Through the Pack [Pottage]

Barbara Seagram's Beginning Bridge [Seagram/Lee]

Barbara's Bridge Tips [Seagram]

Becoming a Bridge Expert [Stewart]

Bergen Raises [Tucker] - DIGITAL edition

Best of Bridge Today Digest [Granovetter/Granovetter]

Better Signalling Now [Horton]

Bid More Play More Enjoy More Win More [Thomson]

Bidding at Bridge: A Quizbook [Seagram/Bird]

Bidding Basics Workbook [Glandorf]

Bidding Basics [Glandorf]

Big Payoff: Slam Bidding at Bridge [Treble]

Blue Team in the History of Bridge [Perroux/Di Sacco/Horton]

Breaking the Bridge Rules: First Hand Play [Rigal]

Bridge and the Romantics [Smith]

Bridge at the Breakfast Table [Thurston]

Bridge at the Edge [Brogeland/Bird]

Bridge at the Enigma Club [Winkler]

Bridge at the Top [Punch]

Bridge Behind Bars [Pottage/Smith]

Bridge Conventions in Depth [Granovetter/Granovetter]

Bridge Crosswords 2 [Chen]

Bridge Crosswords [Chen]

Bridge Director's Handbook of Movements and Scoring [McKee]

Bridge Endplays for Everyone [Bird]

Bridge Entry Techniques [Bird]

Bridge in 3 Weeks [Truscott]

Bridge in the Menagerie [Mollo]

Bridge Literature [Smith]

Bridge Magicians [Horton/Kielbasinski]

Bridge Master vs Bridge Amateur [Horton]

Bridge on a Shoestring [Schoenborn]

Bridge Outside the Box with Val Kovachev [Dawson/Wilkins]

Bridge Over the Rainbow [Smith/Adamson]

Bridge Player's Bedside Book [Forrester]

Bridge Probability and Information [MacKinnon]

Bridge Problems for a New Millennium [Pottage]

Bridge Squeezes Complete [Love]

Bridge Squeezes for Everyone [Bird]

Bridge the Silver Way [Silver/Bourke]

Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play [Laderman]

Bridge to Simple Squeezes [Laderman]

Bridge With a Twist [Cocheme]

Bridge With Bells and Whistles [Dufresne/Ellingsen]

Bridge World's Test Your Play [Rubens]

Bridge Zia... and Me [Rosenberg]

Bridging Two Worlds [Hoffman]

Building a Bidding System [Hughes]

Bumblepuppy Days [Laderman]

Can You Win the USBC Team Trials 2013? [Felmy]

Canada's Bridge Warriors [Hughes]

Canterbury Bridge Tales [Silver]

Card by Card [Hughes]

Card Play Technique [Mollo/Gardener]

Challenge Your Declarer Play [Roth]

Classic Kantar [Kantar]

Clever Plays in the Trump Suit [Bird]

Clues from the Bidding [Pottage]

Coming Back to Bridge [Goldfinger]

Compendium of Double Dummy Problems [Darwen]

Competitive Bidding in the 21st Century [Miles]

Competitive Bidding [Tucker]

Competitive Doubles [Tucker]

Complete Book of BOLS Bridge Tips [Brock]

Complete Book on Overcalls [Lawrence]

Complete Book on Takeout Doubles [Lawrence]

Complete Guide to Passed Hand Bidding [Lawrence]

Complete System for the Tournament Bridge Player [Kaban]

Constructive Bidding 401 [Paul]

Constructive Bidding 402 [Paul]

Contested Auction [Hughes]

Conventions After a Major-Suit Opening [Tucker]

Conventions after a Notrump Opening [Tucker]

Conventions Today [Senior]

Conventions Useful with 2/1 [Tucker]

Conventions Useful with Strong Hands [Tucker]

Countdown to Winning Bridge [Bourke/Smith]

Counting at Bridge [Aves]

Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 1 [Kennedy]

Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 2 [Kennedy]

Cuebidding at Bridge [Rexford]

Deadly Endplay [Allan]

Deadly Hold-up [Priebe]

Death in Duplicate [Coplea]

Deceptive Card Play [Bird/Smith]

Deceptive Play [Bird/Bourke]

Declarer Play at Bridge: A Quizbook [Seagram/Bird]

Defend or Declare? [Pottage]

Defend These Hands with Me [Pottage]

Defending at Bridge: A First Course [Treble]

Defending Notrump Contracts [Bird/Bourke]

Defending Suit Contracts [Bird/Bourke]

Defense on the Other Hand [Bird/Cohen]

Defensive Carding & Opening Leads [Tucker]

Defensive Play at Bridge: A Quizbook [Seagram/Bird]

Defensive Signaling at Bridge [Bird]

Defensive Signaling [Bird/Smith]

Defensive Signals [Miles]

Defensive Tips for Bad Card Holders [Kantar]

Demystifying Defense [O'Connor]

Diamonds are the Hog's Best Friend [Mollo]

Director is Called [McIlrath]

Discarding Losers [Bird/Smith]

Don't be Fooled [Roth]

Double Elimination: A Bridge Mystery [Priebe]

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble [Smith/Adamson]

Drawing Trumps [Bird/Smith]

Duplicate Bridge Schedules History and Mathematics [McKinnon]

Easier Done than Said [Paranjape]

Eddie Kantar Teaches Advanced Bridge Defense [Kantar]

Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense [Kantar]

Eddie Kantar Teaches Topics in Declarer Play [Kantar]

Elimination Plays [Bird/Bourke]

Eliminations and Throw-ins [Bird/Smith]

Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge [Leve]

Endplays and Coups [Bird/Bourke]

Enhanced Precision [Beall]

Enterprising Bridge Tales - The Next Generation [Smith]

Enterprising Bridge Tales [Smith]

Entry Management [Bird/Bourke]

Entry Management [Bird/Smith]

Establishing Long Suits [Bird/Smith]

Everyday Bridge Aventures [Zines]

Extra Edge in Play [Reese/Pottage]

Falsecards [Lawrence]

Famous Bridge Swings [Bird]

Fantunes Revealed [Jacobs]

Finessing [Bird/Smith]

First Book of Bridge Problems [O'Connor]

Five to Five Hundred [Kohl/Jiobu]

Focus on Bidding [Roth]

Focus on Declarer Play [Roth]

Focus on Defence [Roth]

Following the Law [Cohen]

For Love or Money [Horton/Senior]

Four-Suit Transfers [Seagram/Stark]

Frank Stewart's Bridge Club [Stewart]

From Short Whist to Contract Bridge [Secelle/De wael]

Further Adventures at the Bridge Table [Hughes]

Gaining the Mental Edge at Bridge [Frazer]

Game of Bridge [Reese]

Gamesman Bridge [Kantar]

Gary Brown's Learn to Play Bridge [Brown]

Getting into the Bidding [Treble]

Getting to Good Slams [Bossomaier]

Go Ahead - Laugh! [Goodwin]

Good Game of Modern Bridge [Klinger]

Good, Better, Best [Larsson]

Great Bridge Scandal [Truscott]

Great Deal of Bridge Problems [Pottage]

Hand of the Week [Martineau]

Hands of Time [Horton]

Hands on Weak Two Bids [Anderson]

Helms to HELLO [Helms]

Hog Takes to Precision [Mollo]

Holding Up a Stopper [Bird/Smith]

How Good is Your Bridge [Roth]

How NOT to Play Bridge [Dorn Wiss]

How to be a Lucky Player [Thomson]

How to Play Bridge with Your Spouse [Teukolsky]

Human Bridge Errors [Kleinman/Straguzzi]

I Love this Game [Auken]

If I Only Had a Heart: Bridge Over the Rainbow [Smith/Adamson]

Imaginative Cardplay [Reese/Trezel]

Improve Your Bidding Judgement [Kimelman]

Improvers' Play [Browne]

Inferences at Bridge [Miles]

Intermediate Bridge Play Problems [Zines]

Introduction and Card Play Basics Workbook [Glandorf]

Introduction and Card Play Basics [Glandorf]

Introduction to Declarer Play [Kantar]

Introduction to Defense [Kantar]

It's Your Call [Miles]

Jacoby 2NT [Seagram/Lee]

Jacoby Transfers [Seagram/Stark]

Kantar for the Defense: Volume 1 [Kantar]

Kantar for the Defense: Volume 2 [Kantar]

Kantar on Kontract [Kantar]

Kickback: Slam Bidding at Bridge [Munger]

Larry Cohen's Bidding Challenge [Cohen]

Last Call in the Menagerie [Mollo]

Leading Questions in Bridge [Brock]

Master Class [Gitelman]

Master of Bridge Psychology [Juhl/Fredin]

Mastering Hand Evaluation [Diamond]

Matchpoint Defense [Priebe]

Matchpoint Tricks [Axelsen/Dam]

Mathematical Theory of Bridge [Borel/Cheron]

Misbid these Hands with Me [Horton]

Misplay More Hands with Me [Horton]

Misplay These Hands with Me [Horton]

Modern Approach to Two-Over-One [Eichenbaum]

Modern Constructive Bidding [Miles]

Modified Italian Canape System [Rexford]

More Accurate Bidding [Miles]

More Bidding Basics Workbook [Glandorf]

More Bidding Basics [Glandorf]

More Bridge Literature [Smith]

MOSSO Bidding System [Granville/Burn]

MOSSO: Example Auctions and Quizzes [Granville/Burn]

Murder at the Bridge Table [Granovetter]

My Favorite 52 [Cohen]

My System: The Unbalanced Diamond [Miles]

Mysterious Multi [Horton/van Cleeff]

Naked Bridge Player [Silver]

Never a Dull Deal [MacKinnon]

New Frontiers for Strong Forcing Openings [Rexford]

North of the Master Solver's Club [Vine]

Northern Lights [Lee/Lee]

Notrump Contracts [Bird/Smith]

NoTrump Zone [Kleinman]

Off-Road Declarer Play [Bird]

On The Other Hand [Bird/Cohen]

One Trick at a Time [Jackson]

Opatija Diary [Senior]

Optimal Hand Evaluation in Competitive Bidding [Darricades]

Optimal Hand Evaluation [Darricades]

Out of Hand... And Off the Fairway [Buttle]

Out of Hand... Out of Mind [Buttle]

Over Hoffman's Shoulder [Hoffman/Smith]

Overcalling Opponent's 1NT [Rexford]

Partnership Bidding - a Workbook [Paul]

Pathways to Better Bridge Defense [Roth]

Patrick Jourdain's Problem Corner [Jourdain]

Planning in Defense [Bird/Smith]

Planning in Suit Contracts (BTS6) [Bird/Smith]

Planning in Suit Contracts [Bird/Bourke]

Planning Notrump Contracts [Bird/Bourke]

Planning the Defense - The Next Level [Seagram/Bird]

Planning the Defense [Seagram/Bird]

Planning the Play - the Next Level [Seagram/Bird]

Planning the Play in Notrump [Bird/Smith]

Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand [Seagram/Bird]

Play Bridge with Reese [Reese]

Play Bumplepuppy Bridge [Laderman]

Play or Defend [Pottage]

Play these Hands with Me [Reese]

Playing 2/1: The Rest of the Story [Thurston]

Playing a Bridge Hand: Just the Basics [Dufresne]

Playing Safely [Bird/Smith]

Playing with the Bridge Legends [Shenkin]

Pocket Guide to 2/1 [Thurston]

Pocket Guide to Acol Bridge [Horton/Seagram]

Pocket Guide to Bridge Conventions You Should Know [Seagram/Smith]

Pocket Guide to Bridge [Seagram/Lee]

Pocket Guide to Declarer Play at Bridge [Seagram/Bird]

Pocket Guide to Defensive Play at Bridge [Seagram/Bird]

Pocket Guide to Even More Bridge Conventions at Bridge [Seagram/Bird]

Pocket Guide to SAYC [Downey/Pomer]

Polish Club 2020: Expert [Jassem/Brus]

Polish Club 2020: Standard [Jassem/Brus]

Polish Club International [Jassem]

Positive Declarer Play in Bridge [Reese/Pottage]

Positive Defense at Bridge [Reese/Pottage]

Power of Pass [Klinger/Schogger]

Power of Pass [Klinger/Schogger] - PAPERBACK edition

Practice Makes Perfect [Seagram/Bird]

Principle of Restricted Talent [Kleinman/Straguzzi]

Rabbi's Rules [Horton/Kokish]

Reading the Cards [Bird/Bourke]

Reading the Cards [Bird/Smith]

Really Unusual Notrump (R.U.N.T.) [Rexford]

Reese on Play [Reese]

Richelieu Plays Bridge [MacKinnon]

Right Bid at the Right Time [Kimelman]

Robin Hood's Hold-up [Bird]

Rodwell Files [Rodwell/Horton]

Roman Keycard Blackwood - The Final Word [Kantar]

Roman Keycard Blackwood [Seagram/Lee]

Ruffing Losers [Bird/Smith]

Safety Plays [Bird/Bourke]

Safety Plays [Bird/Smith]

Saints and Sinners [Bird/Bourke]

Samurai Bridge [MacKinnon]

Santa Fe Precision [Dawson]

Scotland's Senior Moment [Smith/Adamson]

Scramble Stayman [Bennion]

Second Book of Bridge Problems [O'Connor]

Secrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You [Hunsberger]

Setting Trick [McCance]

Shades of Grey [Allan]

Shark's Pointers [Aquino]

Should I or Shoudn't I? [Smith]

Simple Squeeze [Bird/Bourke]

Simpler Blue Club System [Berkley]

Simply the Best [Senior]

Six Steps to Winning Declarer Play [Apfelbaum]

Sixpack: Adventures with Keycards and Queecards [DeSerpa]

Slam Bidding Conventions [Tucker]

Sleeping on the Couch [Caprera]

Somehow We Landed in 6NT [Bird]

Splinter Bids [Seagram/Lee]

Squeezes Made Simple (BTS 9) [Bird/Smith]

Standard Bidding with SAYC [Downey/Pomer]

Standard Modern Precision [Neill]

Startup Bridge and Beyond [Berg]

Stayman Auctions [Seagram/Lee]

Still Not Finding Squeezes? [Laderman]

Story of an Accusation [Reese]

Strong Club - Unbalanced Diamond [Watson]

Study in Silver [Silver]

Suit Contracts [Bird/Smith]

Surviving Duplicate Bridge [Vishner]

Swings and Arrows [Mollo]

Symmetric Relay [Hughes]

Take All Your Chances at Bridge 2 [Kantar]

Take All Your Chances at Bridge [Kantar]

Takeout Double [Priebe]

Tales Out of School [Silver]

Taste of Bridge [Bayone]

Teacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand - Part 1 [Shute]

Teacher's Manual for Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand - Part 2 [Shute]

Teachers Manual for Playing a Bridge Hand [Dufresne]

Teaching Bridge On Cruise Ships [Boden]

Teaching Contract Bridge to Children [Carter/Carter]

Test Your Bridge Play: Volume 2 [Kantar]

There Must Be A Way [Diosy]

Thin Fine Line [Kimelman]

Things Your Bridge Teacher Won't Tell You [Romm]

Thinking on Defense [Priebe]

Tips on Bidding [Lawrence]

Tips on Cardplay [Lawrence]

Tips on Competitive Bidding [Lawrence]

To Bid or Not to Bid [Cohen]

Transfer Responses to One Club with Relays [Poe]

Treasury of Bidding Tips [Kantar]

Tricks with Finesses [Bird/Smith]

Tricks with Trumps [Bird/Smith]

Two-Over-One: a First Course [Treble]

Under the Table [Wilsmore]

Useful Probability for Bridge Players [Laderman]

Variable Key Card Blackwood [Rexford]

Wanna Play Bridge the 2/1 Way? [Rolfe]

We Love the Majors! Teacher's Manual [Dufresne/Ellingsen]

We Love the Majors! [Dufresne/Ellingsen]

What Do These Bids Mean ? - Teacher's Manual [LeVan]

What Do These Bids Mean ? [LeVan]

What Does Partner Have? Book One [LeVan]

What Does Partner Have? Book Two [LeVan]

What Does Partner Have? Teacher's Manual - Book One [LeVan]

What Does Partner Have? Teacher's Manual - Book Two [LeVan]

What's Your Line [Bird]

Why You Still Lose at Bridge [Pottage]

Win at Duplicate Bridge [Parker]

Win the Bermuda Bowl with Me [Meckstroth/Smith]

Winners Losers and Cover Cards [Eichenbaum]

Winning at Matchpoints [Treble]

Winning at the Club [Thomson]

Winning Declarer Play [Truscott]

Winning Duplicate Tactics [Bird]

Winning Notrump Leads [Bird/Anthias]

Winning Suit Contract Leads [Bird/Anthias]

World Bridge Championships 2017 [Senior]

You Have To See This [Diosy/Lee]