Bridge Conventions Defences and Countermeasures [Klinger]

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Ron Klinger describes over 100 of the most common and useful bridge conventions.

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Conventions are a fundamental building block of any partnership's set of agreements, either for constructive bidding, competitive bidding and even defensive card play.

This book is a collection of over 100 popularly used conventions. Ron Klinger describes how they should be used and not misused. These conventions, defences and countermeasures cover such diverse topics as:

- Two-level opening bids
- Pre-emptive openings
- Responses to 1NT and 2NT
- Conventions after 1-level suit openings
- Slam conventions
- Bidding over the opponent's opening bids
- Bidding over their strong openings
- General competitive methods
- Uncommon but effective conventions
- Conventions in card play

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More Information
AuthorRon Klinger
DifficultyIntermediate, Advanced
TopicBidding Conventions
Date Published1999

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