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Coming Back to Bridge [Goldfinger]

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A look at changes to bridge for those relearning the game after a long break.

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Bridge is a game that people often decide to learn as empty-nesters.  There are also those who learned the game when they were younger -- but while they would like to start playing again, they are nervous about how much the game may have changed.  There are new ways of bidding, new conventions, and other things they will need to know before they are confident about playing even with friends.

That's exactly the audience for this book -- those who are 'coming back to bridge'.  It summarises the key changes that someone who has not played for twenty to thirty years will encounter, and explains simply and clearly what they will need to know to be comfortable in the modern game.

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Author Paul Goldfinger
Difficulty Newcomer, Intermediate
Topic Bidding & Play
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2021
Pages 196
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