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Tales Out of School [Silver]

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Move over Victor Mollo and David Bird! Fans of the Hideous Hog the Abbot and the Rabbi will find a new hero among the halls of Mohican College (the last of the community colleges to be established).

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Tales out of School is a collection of humorous bridge stories from the witty and satirical pen of David Silver. It will delight readers with the adventures of his alter ego the hapless Professor Silver as he struggles towards his own version of excellence despite a malevolent and incompetent administration and a D-grade student body. And as with Mollo and Bird Silver's selection of fascinating bridge hands makes his stories even more enjoyable.

If you enjoyed A Study in Silver you will love this one too!

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More Information
Author David Silver
Difficulty Everyone
Topic Humour & Whimsey
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 1998
Pages 128

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