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Introduction and Card Play Basics [Glandorf]

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Covers the mechanics of the game for the absolute beginner.

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David Glandorf's innovative approach to teaching steers away from traditional methods that focus on memorising point counts in order to bid this or that.

This intitial text covers the mechanics of the game, a little bridge history, scoring, hand valuation and preferred contracts, along with the basics of declarer play and defense. No real bidding is included here but MiniBridge or a variant is used for sample and practice deals. The Yes, No, Maybe bidding concepts are introduced for the determination of preferred contracts.

"I only wish that such a book had existed when I was starting out."  Barbara Seagram -author of 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know.

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More Information
Author David Glandorf
Difficulty Newcomer
Topic Material for Newcomers
Publisher Master Point Press
Date Published 2017
Pages 120

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