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Director is Called [McIlrath]

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Discusses those most frequent instances when a Director is called and how to handle them according to the Laws.

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Modified to reflect the new 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge.


Call Number 1 - Incorrect Score
Call Number 2 - Opening Lead Out of Turn
Call Number 3 - Lead out of Turn  By declarer or dummy
Call Number 4 - Lead out of turn  By defender
Call Number 5 - Revoke
Call Number 6a - Pass Out of Rotation
Call Number 6b - Bid Out of Rotation
Call Number 7 - Insufficient bid

Appendix A - Penalty Card
Appendix B - Insufficient Bids  and Acceptable Corrections
Appendix C - Comparable Call (Law 23)
Appendix D - Withdrawn Call, Lead Restrictions
Appendix E - Examples for Call Out of Rotation
Appendix F - Table Movements (Pairs)
Appendix G - Movements Explained
Appendix H - Tips on Tact

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AuthorJohn McIlrath
TopicTournament Bridge
PublisherThe Bridge Shop
Date Published2017
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