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How do I load my eBook onto my reading device?

How to download your eBook to various devices

Nowadays, most tablets and mobile devices have built-in browsers that permit you to download your eBoook directly onto the device. You can also download the file to your computer, and then transfer the file via USB to the mobile device.

You can find a link to download your purchase in the My Downloadable Products section of your account. Most books are offered in multiple formats (PDF, ePub and Kindle). You can download your purchases in any or all of these formats.


The best format for PCs or Mac computers is the PDF version. PDFs can be viewed using Acrobat Reader, which is available for download from the Adobe site. However not computers these days have their native applications which will read PDF format files.


The PDF version is usually the best option on an iPad; you can download it to your device and read it in a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can download the ePUB version of the book directly from the web browser on your iPad. It may take a few seconds to finish downloading, so please be patient. Once it downloads, it will ask you which application to use to open the book. iBooks, Apple’s eBook reader, is the default application; however, many other applications will also read ePUB eBooks.

You can also download the MOBI version and read it in the Kindle app.


Although some Kindles are now web-enabled, the easiest way to transfer the eBook to your Kindle is to

  1. Download the Kindle (MOBI) version of the eBook to your computer from the My Purchased Books page
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer via a USB cable
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded file to the Documents folder on your Kindle (in Windows Explorer if you have a PC running Windows or in the Finder if you have a Mac). If you’re running Linux, you know what to do.
  4. The book will show up shortly on your Kindle device once the Kindle is disconnected from your computer.

Other Mobile Devices

Any mobile device that supports reading ePUB, MOBI or PDF files can read the eBooks purchased through The Bridge Shop site. If you encounter difficulties, please let us know.

What if my download doesn't work?

Please contact us via email at

Include: what device or computer you are trying to download to, which book, what format you’re trying to use (PDF, ePUB or MOBI), and what error you’re experiencing. We will do our best to help get you on your way to enjoying your new eBook.

Other Issues

Please see our Digital Books Frequently Asked Questions page where we hope to have addressed most issues.

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