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Jack FAQs

Can you send me a new registration code?
No, the registration code is an important part of your license and is provided once with your purchase. Please save your registration code, you'll need it when reinstalling the software. Lost your registration code? Contact us via support@bridgeshop....
Why do I get the message "The registration code can not be used for new installations"?
This error indicates our systems detected an attempt to: activate the software on more computers than allowed by your license activate software that was previously upgraded to a newer version Your license is restricted to a maximum number of computers...
Does Jack install on a PC or Netbook without a CD-drive?
Yes, you can choose between a download or a USB version.
Can I use the program on a computer that is not connected to the internet?
Yes, once the program is activated on your computer you can run it without an internet connection. Activation of the program is best done online, you'll need a one time internet connection. If, even a one time, internet connection is not possible or...
Can the program be installed on a Mac?
No, there is not a Mac version. If you want to use the program on a Mac, Windows emulator programs such as Parallels are available. Many satisfied customers have got this to work but we  do not support it. Please try the free Jack demo first.
Does Jack install on an iPad or other tablet?
No, tablets, like the iPad, usually operate using a different operating system (iOS or Android) and do not comply with the system requirements. The only exception are tablets that run Windows and are equipped with an Intel X86 compatible CPU. Windows...
What is latest version of Jack and is it suitable for windows 10?
The latest version is Jack 6 and it works fine on Windows 10.
How do I install Jack 6?
Once you've purchased Jack we automatically email you a link to download, installation and registration instructions. They can be found here: https://www.bridgeshop...
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