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Digital Books FAQs

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How do I download my digital bridge book?
Why do I need to set up an account to purchase a digital book?
How do I download my purchase?
Does The Bridge Shop only sell products for download?
What are digital books ?
Will a digital book run on a Macintosh?
What are the benefits of using a digital book?
Where can I use my digital book?
How does the digital book compare with the original printed book?
Can I print all or part of my digital book?
Can I copy the digital book?
Once I purchase a digital book, will it always be available?
Can I make backups of my digital books?
The .PDF, .ePUB and .MOBI for one price?? What's the catch?
What's the difference between the PDF format, ePUB format and MOBI format?
Which digital book format should I use?
I already bought the PDF format. Why should I get the ePUB or MOBI version?
I purchased the PDF format a while ago and the ePUB / MOBI version was just released. Can I still get the ePUB/MOBI formats?
Is there an extra charge to get the PDF, ePUB and MOBI digital book?
Are the digital Books sold on this site protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM)?
How do I load my eBook onto my reading device?