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Why do I get the message "The registration code can not be used for new installations"?

This error indicates our systems detected an attempt to:

  • activate the software on more computers than allowed by your license
  • activate software that was previously upgraded to a newer version

Your license is restricted to a maximum number of computers, you can re-activate the software on the computers it was activated on before.
When attempting to activate a license that was upgraded to a newer version (Jack 5 upgraded to Jack 6) you should skip the old version and start the installation with the newer version (Jack 6).

Jack does not offer an elaborate scheme of uninstalling and reactivating: in most licenses the maximum number of computers is set to three, thus allowing you to install the program twice on a replacement computer if your computer breaks down. With average usage on one computer at a time this allows you to enjoy the program for about ten years. Licenses with more rights are not available. If you wish to install the program on more than three of your own PC's you can extend the number of rights by purchasing a new license. To use the program on six of your own PC's you'll only need two copies of our software. 

PLEASE NOTE: your license is personal, you are not allowed to use one of your installation rights to install the software for use by a third party.

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