We're moving premises... but we're certainly not going away

Why... ?

There are very good reasons.

The last few years have proven to me that my customers are mainly shopping online or over the phone for their bridge requirements.

It is not just in the last two years that I have seen this shift. My business is simply following the international trend of rapid growth in e-commerce. People are more and more tech-savvy and online shopping is safer and more user friendly than before. The feedback and endorsements that I have from my customers over the past 5-10 years prove that we have a winning formula in the e-commerce arena.

It is easy to buy bridge equipment from The Bridge Shop online or over the phone. I'm experiencing less foot traffic through the door even though the business is as busy as ever - a phenomenon that many successful shops are experiencing. After all, buying bridge gear is not like buying designer shoes online.

A new door opens

The Bridge Shop will soon become an online, phone and mail order business only.

Same website... same email... same phone number... same great customer service.

The efficiencies that I can offer in my customer service going this route will outweigh the charm of the old fashioned physical bricks and mortar shop that many customers have been used to.

Sad as that may sound, it certainly doesn’t deter from a bright future and a continued great service commitment from my side to all existing and future Bridge Shop customers.

After 48 years, now is the right time to make this move. I can confidently say I’ve built the biggest and best bridge merchandise website in the world – shopping on our site is as easy as taking a finesse.

Nick Fahrer

I am just a click or a phone call away. Anytime you need any help with your order, I’ll still be at my desk offering the best advice I can give you.


When July 2022
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