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Planning in Suit Contracts Vu-Bridge PlayBook [Bird/Bourke]

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Improve your suit contract declarer play with this set of 36 hands to play interactively.

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While it starts out gently, it is only fair to tell you that by the end of this PlayBook you will be working hard. To solve the later problems you will need to understand not only how to make a plan but also some fairly advanced cardplay techniques.

It will be an exciting journey, though, and the winning lines of play are clearly explained in the solutions. By acquiring the discipline of always making a plan before you embark on a contract, you will greatly improve your results when you return to a real card table.

The think and click feature allows you to learn as you play and you will be amazed at how much more enjoyable this format can be.

Contains 36 hands with extensive commentary and explanation.

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