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V-Blue Course for Newcomers

V-Blue Course for Newcomers

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Ideal for newcomers to bridge. Interactively bid and play over 20 hands on a variety of topics.

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Click here to play some sample hands.

V-Blue for newcomers has two sets of 24 lessons: Year 1 and Year 2 and is available in Standard American as well as ACOL versions.

Each lesson has 20 to 22 hands and a quiz to help you practice the game. In total there are almost 1000 hands and a vast body of hints and advice to turn beginners into club players.

Lessons and hands are designed by such famous bridge teachers and writers such as:

  • David Bird
  • Paul Bowyer
  • Peter Bushby
  • ... and more.


Syllabus for Year 1:

1- 1NT Opening and NT Responses; Very easy card-play.
2- Declarer-play: Setting up suits in NT by knocking out Aces (& Kings)
3- 1NT Opening & Suit Responses: simple card-play in suits.
4- Defence against NT; leading 4th highest & returning partner’s suit
5- Declarer-play: Suit breaks (3-2, 3-3 etc). Counting.
6- Declarer Play: Setting up tricks in long suits, including counting
7- Suit Openings & Limit Raises; Drawing trumps.
8- Declarer Play: Entries including overtaking.
9- Suit Openings, the 1NT response.
10- Declarer Play: Ruffing losers in Dummy (NOT drawing trumps)
11- Suit Openings, change of suit responses & weak rebids
12- Ruff or draw trumps?
13- Bidding balanced hands outside the 1NT opening range
14- Timing (what to do first – discarding losers).
15- Suit Openings & Strong (unbalanced) Rebids
16- Declarer Play: The Marked Finesse
17- Bidding a suit after opponents open (Contested auction)
18- Declarer Play: The common finesse
19- Opening leads (No-trumps).
20- The Takeout Double & simple responses.
21- Declarer Play: Ducking to set up a side-suit
22- Opening leads (Suits).
23- Declarer Play: The Hold-up 1.
24- Defence against No-trumps (third hand giving count).


Syllabus for Year 2:

25- 1NT revisited – Stayman convention. (Extend to 2NT opener).
26- Declarer play – counting tricks & timing the hand.
27- Responding to Take-Out Doubles (harder).
28- Percentage plays (eight ever, nine never)
29- Avoiding over-ruffs.
30- Slam Bidding (including straight Blackwood).
31- The crossruff.
32- Negative Doubles after overcalls.
33- Ruffing & double finesses.
34- Re-opening Doubles.
35- Covering an honour with an honour
36- The 1NT Overcall (includes protective position).
37- Encouraging/discouraging signals
38- Second Player Play.
39- Setting up a side-suit.
40- Declarer play: the art of counting
41- The hold-up 2 & 3.
42- Second hand low…?
43- Third-hand play in No-trumps (rule of 11).
44- Length-showing signals.
45- Harder defence (counting tricks)
46- Suit preference signals (suits).
47- Suit preference signals (No-trumps)
48- Simple end-plays.

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