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Vu-Bridge FAQs


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  1. Cardplay Basics

    A comprehensive set of 32 cardplay lessons that will help you identify the right techniques to use as declarer, to set up a plan and succeed more often in making the contract.

  2. Vu-Bridge Expert Kit

    A 24 month course of lessons that will teach you to think like an expert.

  3. Vu-Bridge 7-in-1 Bundle

    Vu-Bridge 7-in-1 Bundle

    The complete Vu-Bridge newsletter and lesson pack.

    Regular Price: $422.20

    Special Price $229.00

  4. Beginner's 4-in-1 Bundle

    Beginner's 4-in-1 Bundle

    Great beginner's set of lessons and quizzes.

    Regular Price: $279.90

    Special Price $149.00

  5. Improver's Bundle

    Improver's 5-in-1 Bundle

    Ideal for the improving bridge player.

    Regular Price: $325.85

    Special Price $242.00

  6. V-Green Electronic Newsletter for Intermediate Players

    Receive and interactively play over 20 hands twice a month.

    This item is delivered electronically.

  7. Vu-Bridge Starter Kit

    What is the best way to start to learn Bridge? This question has no definitive answer; there are several well-established methods, much in the same way as there are in how to learn to play the piano.

    This item is delivered electronically.

  8. V-Blue Course for Newcomers

    Ideal for newcomers to bridge. Interactively bid and play over 20 hands on a variety of topics.

  9. V-Blue Course for Improvers - Year 3

    Part 3: The aim of this new course of lessons is to extend the skill set of new bridge players and to arm them with a set of tools enabling them to take their first steps in club bridge.

  10. Vu-Bridge Defender

    Boost your game with this monthly newsletter dedicated to defense.

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Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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