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Vu-Bridge Expert Kit

Cardplay Basics


Vu-Bridge 7-in-1 Bundle

Vu-Bridge Expert Kit

Quick Overview

A 24 month course of lessons that will teach you to think like an expert.

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Many bridge players would like to become an expert!

That’s not an easy task, but with this Vubridge Expert Kit, you'll be offered 24 lessons over 24 months, with 20 hands to play in each. This kit focusses on how to improve your bridge – how to help you think like an expert. Each lesson takes a topic and guides you through a dozen hands of increasing complexity, testing your thought processes and explaining how you might be able to think like a champion.

As ever, the Vu-Bridge writers will sit at your shoulder and guide you through the deals, explaining clearly what you should do and, crucially, why. You won’t fail to learn from this, and your game will improve by leaps and bounds. The focus is on dummy play technique, although defense will feature now and again.

As well as the twelve themed deals you will also get an extra eight hands per lesson on the all-important topic of counting. That’s 20 deals per issue, a real bargain. You can’t afford to miss this.

So, in total this collection will have 24 lessons (or 480 hands) to play and learn the best techniques.

  1. Endplays
  2. Safety & Precaution Plays (Parts 1 & 2)
  3. Safety & Precaution Plays (Parts 3 & 4)
  4. Playing the Odds
  5. Timing & Control
  6. Extra Chances
  7. The Correct Use of Trumps 1
  8. The Correct Use of trumps 2
  9. Entry-finding Plays
  10. Avoidance Play
  11. Squeeze-Endplays 1
  12. Squeeze-Endplays 2
  13. The Simple Squeeze 1
  14. The Simple Squeeze 2
  15. Reading the Cards
  16. When to Duck, When to Win
  17. Discovery Plays
  18. Deception (Fooling the Enemy)
  19. Defense: Opening Leads and Early Play
  20. Defense: Signals
  21. Defense: Hold it!
  22. Defense: Deception
  23. Real-life hands – Play with the Experts 1
  24. Real-life hands – Play with the Experts 2

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