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Crazy Bridge

Crazy bridge is a fun variation of everyday bridge you can play with friends in a social setting. Some of the conventional bridge rules are changed every round.

Round 1 Order of suits are reversed; so 1NT is the lowest bid.
Round 2 Value of the cards is reversed; 2 is highest to Ace being lowest.
Round 3 Pass, X and XX as normal, otherwise bid with spot cards.
Any 7 = 1NT
Any 8 = 2NT
Any 9 = 3NT etc
Round 4 Pass your hand to your RHO after the auction is complete but the contract is still played by the pair who bid it.
Round 5 Pass 2 cards to your LHO after the auction.
Round 6 Partners swap one card with each other after the auction.
Round 7 Play a 2 at any point without it being a revoke.
Round 8 You must, if possible, play a higher card than RHO. If you are void, you must ruff.
Round 9 Partner of the person who wins the tricks leads to the next trick.
Round 10 Even tricks are played anti-clockwise.
Round 11 Opening leader becomes dummy after the lead but that pair is still defending.
Round 12 At the end of the auction, declarer places one of his cards face down and can be used as a joker at any time.